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Ticconi’s ATA Martial Arts has everything…except you! We are committed to changing the life of every student who steps on our mats. Join our community today and begin your martial arts journey!

Ticconi's ATA Martial Arts - Cadillac

Ticconi's ATA Martial Arts

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Kids, adults, and families come together to develop physically and mentally at Ticconi’s ATA Martial Arts. As the best martial arts instructional school in Northern Michigan, we are proud to teach our students important life values, including discipline, belief, communication, respect, self-esteem, and honesty.

We welcome students of all ages to visit one of our three training locations in Manistee, MI; Suttons Bay, MI; and Cadillac, MI. Our certified instructors challenge every student young and old to meet their individual goals and new goals they never thought were possible.


We believe that the Taekwondo skills our students learn are only as good as the environment they learn them in. The key to building a student base that loves Taekwondo is creating a place that feels like home.

  • Growth

    Martial arts isn’t just about reaching your black belt – it’s the perfect place for self-growth.
  • Goals

    Sick of setting goals and never accomplishing them? Join martial arts and start seeing results.
  • Quality

    Thanks to our dedicated instructors and high-quality curriculum, Ticconi's ATA Martial Arts is the best of the best.
  • Confidence

    Our martial arts training will leave you feeling strong, supported, and successful. Join and watch your confidence soar!


  • I just recently took a women’s self-defense class. It was absolutely amazing.

    Wendy Fennema


  • Mr. T and his entire staff possess superior skills that any child or adult can learn and benefit from.

    Tanya Allen


  • Mr. T is an awesome instructor. He is dedicated to his students, and he incorporates fun into his lessons. Perfect for all ages and highly highly recommended!

    Sophia Wallace


  • The amount of joy we find at Ticconi’s ATA is beyond words. Mr. T. and the other instructors are professional, courteous, and fun to be around.

    Mandi Phillips


  • It is a great place to learn self-defense and you always get a great workout!!!

    Kelcy Fredell