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If you’re looking to change your life, look no further. At Ticconi’s ATA Martial Arts, we provide high-quality Taekwondo education with passionate instructors, a beautiful dojo, and lessons that last a lifetime. Classes are offered for students of any and all ages and skill levels. You’ll learn to kick, punch, and become the best you possible. Read about all of the awesome programs we offer!

Ticconi's ATA Martial Arts

ATA Tigers

The ATA Tiger curriculum program was developed specifically for preschool-age children ages 3 through 6. This program offers children a strong foundation in essential character qualities such as courtesy, respect, and discipline.

Ticconi's ATA Martial Arts

Kids Martial Arts

ATA Karate for Kids is a specialized program created exclusively for children ages 7 through 12 and teaches the fundamentals of martial arts.

Ticconi's ATA Martial Arts

Adult Martial Arts

The ATA Martial Arts curriculum program is customized for adult men and women. Unlike a children’s program, adult programs focus on high-intensity fitness and real self-defense that applies in today’s world.

Ticconi's ATA Martial Arts

Cardio Kickboxing

If you’re looking to spice up your basic workout routine, look no further. Cardio kickboxing blends martial arts and cardio for a fun, high-energy class that will help you burn hundreds of calories like it’s nothing.

Ticconi's ATA Martial Arts

Women's Self-Defense

At Ticconi’s ATA Martial Arts, we believe that self-defense is essential to the well-being of women, and we want to share these skills with as many women as possible.

Ticconi's ATA Martial Arts

Weapons Training

Are you ready to take your Taekwondo training up a notch? Our Weapons Training classes are built for experienced martial artists who want to perfect their current skills and take up new challenges.

Ticconi's ATA Martial Arts

Advanced Self-Defense Training

Our self-defense classes will leave you feeling strong, prepared, and empowered, all while giving you a great workout.

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